Give Safely and Securely

We believe that giving financially is also part of our Worship.
A life that is committed to God will give to Him out of their energy, time, money, and talent.

Ways To Give

1. Give Online

We have setup a simple and convenient way to give through our safe and secure online portal. Click the link above to give.

2. In Person

We give you an opportunity to give each service either through our kiosk, the passing of collection plate, or with your credit/debit card through our kiosk.

3.  Automated Giving

We know life is hectic, and do not want to omit giving faithfully due to travel or other circumstances. One way to remain consistent and faithful is by automating your giving. Through our online portal or in-house kiosk, you can set up automated giving.

4. Kiosk

We are aware that less and less peiople carry cash or write checks. For your convenience, we have setup a giving kiosk to safely and securely give through your mobile device (Apply Pay, Google Pay, etc.), a debit or credit card. 

Learn more about giving and what the bible teaches